Lilly Noodle (perttu_kitty) wrote in trans_kink,
Lilly Noodle

QueerBDSM is up and running!!!

Are you new to the D/s BDSM scene? Old? Just curious?

Guess what, you are all welcome! Come on in relax and have fun all we ask is that you be respectful.

QueerBDSM is an IRC with a WikiMedia designed to be a fun and safe place for all the D/s and/or BDSM queers out there to hang out, chat with each other, ask questions, talk and share knowledge. Our hopes are to make this a nice safe community area where people can share their knowledge and experience. Our only rule is to be respectful of others and their veiws.

Lilly A. Noodle, Queen of the Waffle, Defender of Toast (IRC Nick of LittlePixie)

P.S. Please feel free to spread the word amongst your own comunities.

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