panthera_sapien (panthera_sapien) wrote in trans_kink,

FtM and/or butch (and new to the group)

Hello everyone -- I'm Vic. I'm new to the group... 19... FtM... Been in the BDSM community for about a year and half, and have been slowly coming to have some kind of grasp on the leather community. And... for the question below, I'm mostly sexually oriented towards men.

So here's my question/issue. I have decided to transition and should be starting T before long. I recently told a friend of my plans, a friend who is in the leather and lesbian communities, and she was cool with my decision, but suggested that I interview some very butch women and see where they stand on these sorts of issues -- the women who, as a friend put it, "are more Sir-ish than some men." I have also, in general, been trying to figure out the difference between a butch woman and an FtM -- it seems to be just the way they choose to identify themselves.

So, what do you have to say on this idea?

(And, somehow, I get the feeling that this entry will be slightly offensive. If so, I would appreciate advice on how to avoid that in the future.)
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