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Fetish Alive Tucson AZ March 8
Hey all you beautiful freaky peoples! My name is slave bruce and i am a Gender-Queer Leather person. I am also Co-Chair of Fetish Alive Fetish Ball here in Tucson AZ. This is a yearly fund raiser for my club, Desert Dominion, We are a non-profit pan-sexual pan-fetish education and social organization. I am very proud to say that we have a very strong contingent of Trans-folk at our club

This year we are having our ball at the historic Hotel Congress located in downtown Tucson, The entire hotel (including 35 rooms) will be dedicated to celebrating our life-style. There will be vendors and tons of performances including yours truly being suspended by flesh hooks....

Room packages, and tickets are available via the website. Don't wait to long, room packages and tickets are going fast!

In Leather Love and spirit
slave bruce
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