elliot_manning (elliot_manning) wrote in trans_kink,

Is there something wrong with me?

So, my partner and I were in bed this morning, and I was practically begging hir to choke me, because I just love it. I was finally able to persuade hir to do this, but hours later, I started noticing a dull pain in my trachea/neck muscle area and got all freaked out. Ze assured me that I shouldn't be, and that ze simply locked hir arm in a place that ze usually doesn't so that's why it could still feel weird, but I was still worried.

The sensation is fading now, and I don't think that I have a bruise or anything from it -- I was just wondering if anyone could offer an explanation for this, because when there's something physically painful for me, I like to have logical ideas as to what the problem could be so that I can try to rule out the illogical ones.
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